Children’s Education Sponsorship

The Child Sponsorship program works around urban slums and rural areas to remove barriers to education and is unique to the communities where it is implemented. The sponsorship occurs by partnering with schools and the villages to which schools are connected. Funding from child sponsorship covers costs such as tuition, uniforms, and books but is also used in other ways to ensure children can access education. ​

Through Education Sponsorship, we provide much-needed support for children and families in crisis and help enable needy children to join institutions by providing the support and resources families need to stay together. Many of the children we serve have lost one or both parents and live in rural or remote areas with no other access to educational support. This support allows children to attend school, receive essential therapy, access regular, healthy meals, and remain within their family’s care.  

This program holistically and uniquely addresses the barriers children face in accessing education. Join in the journey with these children and their communities by sponsoring a child today and help open the doors for them to a life of opportunity, dignity, and hope.

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