What We Do

Pure Water

Bring Clean Water

Support our cause to provide safe clean water to the communities to avoid water-borne diseases


Give Children Education

This support allows children to attend school, receive essential therapy, access regular, healthy meals, and remain within their family’s care

Health Care

Fundraise For Health Care

We organize health camps where members receive free screening and medication for various diseases and complications

Food security

Food Security & Nutrition

The program also promotes the dissemination and adoption of sustainable land conservation and regeneration techniques, climate change adaptation measures for small-scale farmers

Social Disaster

Uplift Poverty & Disaster

We build a rich cultural affiliation among the youth and women for self-sustainability to foster the social well-being of the people of Maracha as a district.

Early Pregnancy

Fight Early Pregnancy

We sensitize the communities in the district against early child marriages and early pregnancies